groups of children gathered to watch as i painted trash cans at Carroll Park, Brooklyn

groups of children gathered to watch as i painted trash cans at Carroll Park, Brooklyn

Miles Wickham aka RESKEW


....... was the creative director and head artist for the personally funded ego-profit exterior design and urban resuscitation foundation. Only starting with crayons and watercolors, expressing his conditioned essence straight from the solar plexus with abstract designs, Reskew regressed deeper into his ego mask as he went through failed attempts at the basic assimilation processes bestowed by society. Eventually ending up under the wing of the notorious All City Crew from Brooklyn in 2006, he expanded his early childhood habit of  drawing on walls to marking hundreds of locations throughout the city. Six months into the rampage, after meeting the ACC, he was apprehended and tried in court for doodling in a dark, dirty subway tunnel on the L line in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The District Attorney requested he and his design team be locked in a cage for one year for their organized crime.

Without the penal systems’ direct intention, Miles has changed directions, looking to find true freedom of expression from his Self while still retaining his ego for the initial survival purposes it was intended for by nature.








Hello. Im Miles. I'm a self taught visual artist. I have been making art since i was a kid, and began doing graffiti in 1999. I started teaching in 2007 and have since taught all ages, all over the world, in person and through youtube tutorials. 

For me in making art there is a reverence for beauty and an honor and respect for the infiniteness of life. There is potential expressed everywhere in nature, through animals, flowers, landscapes, molecular structure, and all else. Creating art is a celebration and humble honoring of the ability for that potential to be refined, cultivated, and expressed. A life dedicated to art is a life dedicated to love. Exalting the power of life itself in awe and humility. 




Smarter Toddler Preschool  Oct 2016- Now

 Achievement First Middle SchoolSept 2016

Youtube Graffiti Tutorials2010-Now

Workshop Gallery Artists Foundation            2012 – now

ReSurf Project  Oct 2013 – now

Make the Road NY, Summer Youth Summer Program 2009 & 10

Bushwick Mural Project, Make the Road New York Summer, 2008

Private Art Instruction2008-Now

·      Exhibits , Murals, Events

 4th Annual Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Group Art Show   May 2013

The Heights” at SEA Meatpacking  March 2013

55 Hope st. MuralsSept 1012 & Feb 2013

Graffolution             August 2010

Show and Prove   August 2010

Contributed graffiti painting in this group show fundraiser in Brooklyn.

Prospect Heights Art Walk   April - May, 2009

Artists for IsraelMarch, 2009

Awakened Change- Seed Gallery, New Jersey February, 2009

End of the Line   September, 2008

Museum of SexJune, 2008

Sapphire Lounge March, 2008

MOMA February, 2008

Writers Strike Exhibition January-February, 2008

Freedom Aint FreeOctober, 2008

Robert E. Lee High School , Jacksonville FL 2001

·      Publications

One Hundred Young Americans by Michael Franzini – 4 page feature

Bombin’ Magazine – Multiple issues

Psychology Today- Interview

Euro Tuner Magazine – featured automotive paint job interview

Insight Magazine   -  "Ground and Water”  issue #32

AOL.ON Style- Amica  - art featured in "behind the scenes" with supermodel Heidi Klum

·      Other talents and skills

Actor trained at Manhattan Edge Studio

Featured in

“ Princess the Cat – episode 6”

 “ Emiliano Melis- ‘Kiss From a Ghost’”

 “ Honors English- ‘Crazay’ “

“Graffiti Artist” for ad firm commercial

"Starving Artist in the Desert" by me