Meaning Through Art w Miles at Crayon Power ( Windsor Terrace, Bklyn)

Meaning Through Art with Miles

At Crayon Power in Windsor Terrace

Where kids gain self esteem, feeling valued for who they are

March 24th – May 19th

Days: Friday
Vacation days: April 7th & 14th

Exploring color through movement:            3-6 yr olds                 3:00-3:45pm    $175.00

 “Graffiti” with Miles:                                    7-14 yr olds                 4:00-4:45pm$175.00

Free trial class on March 17th

Come join Miles Wickham and Kristen Lee Langelier in a pressure free and nurturing Reggio style class experience of painting and drawing. See your kids blossom from the permission and support to be themselves, from making choices in color, brushstroke, and use of time and space, showing us the values naturally within them.

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3-6 year olds:

7-14 year olds:


As a self-taught artist, it is my passion and privilege to share the most important aspects of the creative process, which I believe can inform our day-to-day lives and nurture our self-esteem in a safe explorative arena.

RSVP and Questions:  Miles at 718-755-2313   or

This course is offered through Crayon Power ( ), a Natural PLay Therapy (NPT) and Reggio Emilia style  microschool in the Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.


Click the pics to see our gallery of art class moments

3 girls smashing up the Graffiti Wall at an elementary school in Rye, NY

3 girls smashing up the Graffiti Wall at an elementary school in Rye, NY

Parent-child Art-making workshops and private sessions



Making art is a special time for you and your child.

Come share in an experience of unobstructed creative flow with you and your child while learning some of the subtle yet important needs inherent in this special time together. In making art is a vital opportunity to explore, discover and connect with our inner guidance, wisdom, identity and joy. We will explore the creative process in a way that nurtures and honors the individuals and relationships needs through art making. We will support the child while they are their own creative guides.  And finally, the child will be our teacher in rediscovering our childlike freedom in creativity andhelp us shed learned inhibitions.  Lets learn:

·      The child as our teacher

·      Honoring intuition and our inner guide

·      How to encourage and when to allow

·      Subtle forms of pressure

·      Art is a time for freedom and self – maximizing individuality & expression


Hello. I’m Miles aka RESKEW. I’m a 31 year old self-taught visual artist and teaching artist. Painting and graffiti has been my focus for over 16 years, and I have a passion for music, acting and martial arts. I have been teaching in person and online for about 10 years and have over 14,000 subscribers on my youtube tutorial channel.  ( not condoning vandalism, mom. Don’t worry!)

We have a huge impact on our kids in the way we participate in their art-making process, and it is important we do our best to nurture them as best we can. Come find out what we all really need to have a constructive, fun and fulfilling experience together.

I am offering private sessions and group workshops for parents interested. To set up an appointment for a private guided session, contact me. If you would like to be added 718-755-231 


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